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Clock’s ticking; a year has passed since I wrote my last resolution. Having said that, it means only 2 years left for me to stay in fast lane.

So in a year, I’ve been thinking about this question:

What are the most essentials technologies that ensure my agility moving jobs/projects in various environments?

According to an old DevX article (replied by OReilly), there are 10 must-have skills just to keep our head above the water (I play around a bit with the order).


70 days ago

I was nearly fell off my chair when I saw 100 of Firefox extensions installed altogether (via), creating a cluttered Firefox :

clutter fox

Despite of its serious problem, Firefox is my personal preferences because it has fewer buttons than its big brother.

I keep extensions into minimum (in order of importances) :

For debugging purposes, occasionally I activate :

Fewer buttons are effective user experiences, I believe.
Less is more.

Update : A nice roundup of using Firefox as developer tool.

Silly me, I forgot to redirect my old feed address (my old Wordpress blog) into feedburner. I was using Feedburner plugin once, but since I wipe all files in it, the redirection magic is gone.

But after implementing some advices, it should be no problem now.


Well, this is the result.
Andry's Feedburner

It Is Not Daydreaming

90 days ago

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun

Every guitarist knows how to play simple tune of “Wonderful Tonight” but do every one of them know how to play it as Eric Clapton ?

van halen

Science has Einstein.
Heavy metal has more than just Einstein.
Heavy metal got Eddie Van Halen.