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Once, my officemate (female officemate, this kind of species constantly annoy male smokers for sure) stick a copy of a Men’s Heath’s article titled: “Just Keep Smoking before Dysfunctional Erection”.

To hell with dysfunctional erection. We keep smoking for sure.

Several months later, someone brought a poster about anatomy of a cigarette filter.

The architecture of a cigarette is so simple yet effective. A layer on top another layer is carefully engineered to make us soooo addicted to it. How the entire cigarette run amuses us.

We knew tar and nicotine is fatal to our lung, but hell with lungs. Smoking is kewl!

Q : Anda bisa berjualan pisang goreng di tengah kuburan malam-malam?
A : Bisa!

Q: Does each member in a dysfunctional team talk to each other?
A: No.

Q: Does each member in a very successful team talk to each other?
A: No.

I just met a friend of mine who is still working for my previous employer, today. We run across chit chat about our glorious days1, and others.

Me: What are you doing right now?
Him: I’m an export/import businessman (pengusaha ekspor/impor).
Me: Say what?
Him: I’m using your LiveSQLBuilder2 classes now.
Me: Yeah, LiveSQLBuilder is a slick trick, but I’m not following you here. Export/Import businessman?
Him: Boss asked me to develop software to import data from one database format and export them into another format. With custom field mapping, of course.

So, when I find you writing software for transforming data from one format into another, you know I might call you: export/import businessman.

1 Slaving nights and grinding days of DCOM/MTS sucks, to be exact.

2 It’s my big fat class for creating any complex queries from any database at run time. Quite the same as ADO.NET’s CommandBuilder with more queries options and hell a lot faster (think Regex, StringBuilder, and Reflection Emit).

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