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Everyone has their own style.
In writing, leadership, parenting, architecting vendetta revolution, or playing a killer guitar melody. Each one of us has different style.

I have five programmers here. Though we share common “coding style guidelines”, I can tell whose person behind any particular code.
We share common OOP knowledge, but anyone can come up with different code.

I love blogging because it’s simple. I don’t have to write in pyramid strategy just like they’ve told me in “traditional” journalism. My primary concern is moving an idea from one head into another. But hey, this is my take. Your style may vary.


We know, we can’t have Fast And Furious NASCAR without those fancy stickers. But, what happen if we employ the same on your so-called-rich-content website (or, blog).

By assuming at least there are 24 returning readers using different social bookmark tool religiously :

social blog tool

Writing is easy. But to get your writing easy to read is another thing.

Within the last three months since I’ve been fully-blogging in English, I’ve been using some practical techniques in order to survive by keeping the fun-level of writing. So I can maintain the fun-level of reading too.

If you came here expecting to see the proven methods of tracking multi level marketing referral system, you’ve come to the wrong blog. This is about tracking about how your visitor came into your blog.

Wanna See Me Naked

72 days ago

Wordpattern. The Bad News.

My so-called participation on Wordpattern is merely pure accidental.

I was in the middle of fixing layout and color schemes at production site. I think it was wise thing to inform you this site was currently unavailable.

And I’m perfectly aware it was April 1st.
So I made a jump into April’s joke mocking Wordpress error page. It is well documented in Id-Gmail Wiki by Cak Amal.