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Nuts And Bolts 0 comments

The Engine

This site is proudly powered by Textpattern :

A free, flexible, elegant, easy-to-use content management system for all kinds of websites, even weblogs.

The Tools

While I’m pretty confident using Notepad++, I found Eclipse armed with PHPEclipse plugin is very useful.

Also, I use conTEXT for quick editing and sometime I do them all in VS.NET 2003.

Doing color and graphic I use ColorSchemer and Gimp (yeah, I don’t need any stinking alpha channel and texture blending blah blah blah)

Several occassion, I’m lazy to make a quick fix/hack. So I use whatever evil neccesary. God forbid, Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer would do the job.

Of course, void the sheer humiliation of not adhere into web standard I use Firefox blindly, don’t we all Web 2.0 people ?


Some plugins, adding seasonal flavour into Textpattern.

ajw_if_comment_owner 0.3 by Andrew Waer
Allows checking one or multiple comment field values to "verify" an indentity [active]

ajw_comments_feed 0.3 by Andrew Waer
Extends RSS & Atom to allow for comments feeds. [active]

ob1_title 2.2 by Henrik Jönsson
An enhancement for txp:page_title with more features. [active]

glx_gravatar 0.1 by Johan Nilsson
Gravatar [active]

nhn_livecommentpreview 0.3.1 by Nils Hörrmann
live comment preview [active]

mdp_calendar 0.5 by Marshall Potter
Provides a customizable Calendar overview of posts [active]

rss_admin_db_manager 4.0.2 by Rob Sable
Database management system. [active]

rss_live_search 0.5 by Rob Sable
Live search. [active]

rsx_plugins_list 1.0 by Ramanan Sivaranjan
Display a list of plugins currently installed. [active]

dru_chatometer 0.1 by Drew McLellan
Displays a list of the most commented-upon articles. [active]

bas_lets_see_yours 0.2 by Bastian Sackermamn
This plugin brings your site to the txp_blogmap.
Activate it and save some informations about your blog at the this extension. [active]

vdh_flickr 0.8.7 by Ralph von der Heyden
Shows your flickr.com pictures in TextPattern. [inactive]

glx_code 0.3 by Johan Nilsson
Transforms a txt-file to a nice code presentation [active]

tru_tags 0.9 by Nathan Arthur
Tagging support with full integration [active]

rss_live_archive 0.5 by Rob Sable
Live archives. [active]

hak_textile_tags 0.1.1 by Patrick Woods
Generates a Quicktags like textile formatting bar [active]

jnm_recent_comments_unique 0.4 by Juanjo Navarro
List latest comments and commenters. [active]

Your lovely comments, if you please.

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