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Colophon 9 comments


The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.
Karl Marx

Let’s get funky

  • My name is Andry Syahfaturahman Huzain
  • Born in Jember, I wish I die there too.
  • Studied some kick ass algorithms in Computer Science ITS. I have alot of good friends there. *Married. I have a daughter, Luna. Live in Malang.
  • I speak Indonesian (good), English (yeah), French (I’m joking), Arabic (I wish), Java, the other Java, c and its dialect (c, c++, mostly c#), my new beloved Ruby, and of course Swahili (I’m still joking)

Yeah, bring it on !

  • I’m a visual learner
  • I love paradox
  • I play guitar. Minor pentatonic blues and speed metal.
  • I love books, enjoy movies.
  • I dont believe in ghost and other spiritual nonsenses.


  • Eclipse and/or NetBeans, whatever it takes
  • VS.NET 2003 SharpDevelop
  • ContexT
  • Hammer and scredriver ( I’m a lousy carpenter )
  • A pen and papers
  • Mindjet MindManager
  • Ruby
  • Ruby

Blogger Code

B4 d++ t+ k++ s+ u f i+ o++ x e l+ c-


Jedi mind trick doesnt work for me, so use these instead:

  • email : saya [at] andryshuzain [dot] com
  • YM : andryshuzain
  • Cell : +62 856 304 6255

Those lists are only a snapshot. Discovering myself could be a lifetime journey.

gravatar A lifetime journey to discover yourself ?
gravatar dah punya anak rupanya toh :arrow:
3. lola
ndry, anak lo pasti bangga punya papah manis gitu. cuma hati" aja, takut dia nyebut lo 'mamah'

gravatar Luna, nice name seriously :)

in italian language it means moon ehe ..
5. dargombestz
bos yo' opo kartolone ko' gak dikabari alamate please...... :lol:

suwon & salam kenal kuabeh :twisted:

salam kenal andri…
nice blog, looks complicated and suits the sophisticated immage of you

7. surya_kubiwa

om.. tau milis VB di Indonesia gak?


lah kenal oii…..
anak Cangkrukan rupanya?
lam buat Ameck!!


very nice and clean blog mas :)

Your lovely comments, if you please.

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